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Hot Water Cylinder


At Green Gas London we conduct work on unvented and vented hot water cylinders.

In the majority of households, the availability of warm, running water is vital to everyday living. From showers, baths and frequent hand–washing to cooking, laundry and dish–cleaning, the average person could end up utilising water of varying warmth up to 20 times per day. When you multiply that usage by each household member, the demands placed on the water heater is brought into perspective. Whether it’s due to usage strain or the age of the tank, water heaters — even the best of them — have a lifespan of roughly a decade and need maintenance to keep them going.

Servicing & Maintenance

You should have your water cylinder inspected and serviced every year. The reason for this is that unvented cylinders, while offering better performance and reliability than vented cylinders, do have inherent risks. They are pressurised metal cylinders. If one or both of the safety systems were to fail, it could be very dangerous. Annual inspections and maintenance ensure that your cylinder does not become an explosion hazard.

What We Do:

1. Check all electrical connections to ensure tightness and that there is no corrosion

2. Check the tundish and surrounding area for signs of water

3. Check for signs of damage to wiring, such as rodent gnawing, etc.

4. Check the air bubble in the cylinder tank

5. Check and recharge the expansion vessel

6. Check the thermostat for functionality/wear


- Increased water pressure

- Consistent water temperature

- Consistent supply of heated water

- Increased product lifecycle


To cancel or reschedule please let the team know 24hrs in advance.


  1. Minimum 1 -hour charge on all jobs

  2. Work charged in 30min increments after the first hour.

  3. *Additional fees not included in pricing

Callout Charges


  • Plumbing: £70

  • Gas & Heating: £90

Emergency (6pm - 8am):

  • Plumbing: £120

  • Gas & Heating £160

Additional Fees

  • Parking

  • Congestion charge

For the full pricing, please see the main services pages



Green Gas London are happy to carry out this job for you.

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